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Velvet is made with 100%  Nylon. It features velvet on one side and taffeta on the other. 100 colors in stock.

Quality:  As a professional velvet ribbon supplier, Ibeety velvet ribbon has not only good price, but also excellent quality.  All ribbon according to environmental protection standard of the European Union, the United States, Japan, and other countries.

Width: 1/4 inch(6mm),3/8 inch(9mm),1/2 inch(13mm),5/8 inch(16mm),3/4 inch(19mm),7/8 inch(22mm),1 inch(25mm),1-1/8 inch(28mm),1-1/4 inch(32mm), 1-1/2 inch(38mm), 2 inch (50mm)

Colors: 100 colors  in stock,  such as red velvet ribbon, green velvet ribon, blue velvet ribbon, and so on. Customer’s colors are acceptable.

Product Usage: Velvet ribbon is widely used as DIY material, hair ornament, gift wrapping and wedding decoration.

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